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America Exceptionalism (Orwell was Right)

It’s been an interesting month among the brethren and talking heads and Facebook commentators—all over a Senate report.  (Oh glory, if we were only so concerned about all business conducted in the hallowed halls of Congress).  The obligatory paeans to … Continue reading

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Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

Be afraid of your neighbor…get the Glock…keep the loaded weapon in the house…the intruder might not be the neighbor’s drunk teenager. Be afraid of passersby…have the weapon handy…get the concealed weapons permit…shoot first…the old man at the door might not … Continue reading

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In the Libertarian Universe, in which the individual is sovereign, agreements and contracts are made between and among purported equals. These interactions of mutual interest benefit both the individuals involved, and thus in the aggregate all of society. In the … Continue reading

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