Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

Be afraid of your neighbor…get the Glock…keep the loaded weapon in the house…the intruder might not be the neighbor’s drunk teenager.

Be afraid of passersby…have the weapon handy…get the concealed weapons permit…shoot first…the old man at the door might not have Alzeimer’s…the guy in the other car might also have a weapon.

Be afraid of the neighborhood…don’t let your kids out of sight…no more outside play…keep them on their IPads and TVs…the police might arrest you for child endangerment if your young ones are outside alone…no more exploring the woods or canyons or crawling on the monkey bars…something bad might happen…be afraid.

Police, be afraid of the man on the street.  He’s probably better armed than you.  Thanks to the NRA every psychopath in the country can have his own arsenal.  Be afraid to knock on the door…it’s probably a trap, a set-up…barge right in.  Bring out the assault vehicles, bring in the SWAT team.  Be afraid of the dog in the yard…so what if he’s defending his home…can’t he see your badge?  Don’t be afraid to shoot first…shoot to kill…fear is its own justification.

Be afraid…be afraid of the police.  They are afraid of you…don’t move toward them, don’t ask for help.  Submit…the beatings will end, eventually.

Be afraid…be afraid of the Democrats…they are bound and determined to have government monitor and control your every move.  Be afraid of loss liberty, of freedom curtailed, of your guns confiscated, of being told what you can eat.  Be afraid of your business sucked dry and your income confiscated to redistribute to the unworthy and unwanted.

Be afraid…be afraid of the Republicans…they are bound and determined to have government monitor and control your every move.  Be afraid of loss liberty, of freedom curtailed, of your body no longer your own, of being told who you can love.  Be afraid of your computer hacked and your phones monitored…someone somewhere has contacts with some bad guy somewhere, and no sacrifice is too great to achieve security.

Be afraid…be afraid of the Libertarians…they are bound and determined to have government stay out of the way of everyone else who is afraid, who do what they do because they can, those that think rules are for sissies and the market will self balance.  Be afraid of rampant individualism…for them there is no shared society.

Be afraid…be afraid of migrants and immigrants…they want to be here, so something must be wrong with them…they’re diseased, they’re ignorant, they don’t speak English.

Be afraid of our allies…they are all socialists anyway…they don’t carry guns…many have health care for their citizens…they only help us in our wars reluctantly, if at all…

Be afraid of the Russians…they want to bring back the Soviet Union and their empire…who cares if their country defines alcoholic.

Be afraid of the Chinese…they are on the march gobbling up nearby territories and distant resources…who cares if the air in Beijing will kill you.

Be afraid…

Can someone please tell me why and how Americans came to be so afraid…what happened to using common sense, having a little self-confidence that did not come from a finger on a trigger—individually or as a Nation?  Just asking….

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3 Responses to Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

  1. Cowboy says:


    Years ago, when our parents were young children, Americans, at least in rural areas, worked very hard for what they had. Little was handed to them and they had to rely on themselves, their skills, their confidence and pride to build a self-sufficient life and homestead. Common sense was the vital tool necessary to accomplish these tasks of building a safe, self-sufficient family. They relied on everyone in the family, friends, neighbors, and community to work towards this common goal. It was hard but it worked and they felt proud.

    There does seem to be cloud of fear that shadows many Americans as you have illustrated. I don’t have the knowledge or data to provide a well-supported conclusion but I have a theory of how human behavior for the general public may have changed over the last few generations. America is a young nation, a little over 200 years old. Many think and plan only a few years in the future and few have studied or retain history of lessons learned. I know little of these lessons beyond my own family history but it has been enough to help guide me when confronted with life challenges. But I think there is a tendency, and I know this because I have seen it myself, for Americans to enjoy a more stable and secure life than previous generations that was far more easily attained and maybe even handed to them by Mom and Dad. It seems parent always want to make it easier for their children than they had it without ensuring their children earned it. I know mine did sometimes and, at the time, I took it, often without the appreciation of what it took to get there and not understanding the value and what it took to maintain it until later in life. I consider myself better than most (of course I do, I’m a fighter pilot) and not as susceptible to the laziness of accepting unearned success and safety without that which is required to maintain it.

    For many, the gun is the instant solution to maintaining success and safety. It is an artificial motivator, self-confidence, and character. It is a video-like fantasy when two people find themselves pointing weapons at each other over some event that does not merit a life threatening situation or at someone who has invaded their space or home. It is unearned power over each other. Common sense, discussion, conviction that sites convincing others is hard work and has to be learned and nurtured throughout life. THAT is what I think has happened to our America of today. They have lost this learned art of life and living that was essential in former times.

    I think all this will pass. I believe today’s issues you highlight will come to a close. I have confidence in youth of today that they will power through this and bring back these vital life skills I describe. I am already seeing it in my young family members now and I am relieved and proud of how they are thinking and doing.

    I’d love to continue this conversation in person someday. I am getting some of my own life challenges in order then I will come see you and Tutu.



    • Monk says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, Cowboy. Well said. Looking forward to continuing the conversation over appropriated libation.

  2. Cowboy says:

    I’ll drink to that!

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